Tommy Wiseau Proves Us Wrong With Nearly Unwatchable Joker Audition

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJAF

Anyone who attempted to watch Suicide Squad just to see Jared Leto’s take on the Jester of Genocide might be in for a little more disappointment. That goes doubly if you happen to be a fan of The Room writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau.

We recently went of a little bit of a spiel about how Wiseau was not only campaigning to play The Joker in an upcoming film from director Todd Phillips of The Hangover fame, but that we (shudder) actually thought that it was a good idea. But at least we’re willing to admit when we’re wrong. We have a feeling you will too after you check out Wiseau’s “audition tape” via Nerdist.

As you can clearly see, The Room was no fluke. That was genuinely the best acting the man is capable of. Unfortunately, we figured such nuance would transfer over to make his version of The Joker at least stand apart from the rest. Indeed it has. So much so, in fact, that we hope such an impression never sees the light of day again. We’re practically begging for Joaquin Phoenix now.