Man Calls Bluff On Bassline DEADMAU5 Deemed ‘Impossible’

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder (Getty).

Not since the random guy claiming he had the voice of a sports announcer have we instantly agreed with someone’s self-assessment and argued they should be hired immediately.

All the basic setup you need is in the description of the video to follow, so take it away YouTube bassist extraordinaire Davie504:

Deadmau5 was listening to Sparkee’s remix of “Strobe” and said that the bassline of that remix was “technically impossible” and he would love to see a bass player play that part live… So let’s see if that’s really an impossible riff….

Wow, his fingers are moving so fast that they should rightfully be on fire.

What a pioneer this Davie504 is (if that is his real name). Now everybody’s trying their hand at it.

As for Deadmau5’s comments on the technical impossibility of that sweet lick, we’re guessing he’s currently eating those words and that they are delicious.

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