Police Dog Tackling Suspect Is More Proof Dogs Are Better Than Us All

Photo: Cherilnc (Getty)

There’s a reason why Marley & Me is the only movie that was able to squeeze a few tears from my eyes, and the only movie that reminded me I have a soul: it’s because dogs are better than humans. And while one particular cop preferred waiting outside while a horrible attack was occurring inside a school, police dogs have zero problem confronting the issue head on and protecting us all. Just like the police dog below did.

When 37-year-old Antonio Padilla Jr. stole a vehicle and fled from police as he was wanted on assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon last week, the chase was on. Padilla Jr. reportedly carjacked a woman at an Irvine, California, apartment complex. But while police struggled to keep up with him, Padilla Jr. was no match for this police dog. Take a look at the video below:

What. A. Takedown.

According to KNBC, Padilla Jr. was taken into custody and then taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

And now I’m going to assume Padilla Jr. is more of a cat person.

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