Boy Pisses On Buttons, Shorts Them Out And Gets Stuck Inside Elevator

Photo: Dansin (Getty)

If you’re keeping score at home, it’s now instant karma 16 million, human beings 0 in the bottom of the seventh.

According to Business Insider, an a-hole kid in China thought it would be a good idea to get in an elevator and piss all over the buttons other human beings who aren’t the Antichrist use to get to the floors above and below them.

Well, it wound up being a terrible idea because his urine shorted out the circuits behind those buttons, which of course means that he got stuck inside the elevator and had to wait until rescue personnel arrived on the scene to free him.

Several Chinese newspapers reported that the littler jerk is from Chongqing, and he told authorities that he took a leak in the elevator on February 23 as a prank. Why taking a piss on elevator buttons that your fellow countrymen and women are going to be touching with their bare hands later on would be considered funny is anybody’s guess. Our guess is that it’s almost as funny as getting stuck in an elevator when you’re just a child.

Good one, instant karma. Stay hot.

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