Can You Chug A Whole Bottle Of Ketchup In Less Than 25 Seconds?

Photo: GMVoz (Getty)

You kids are already eating Tide Pods, so you might as well give this a shot.

We know there are plenty of bizarre world records that have been achieved, but you can add Indian man Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya to that list. And why is that? Because he recently chugged an entire bottle of ketchup in 25.37 seconds to set a Guinness World record.

Check this out:

What a glorious and useless feat. I’m sure Dinesh uses this on first dates — I would. But this isn’t the only record Dinesh has achieved as he also holds the record for most grapes fit into his mouth at the same time (88 grapes), and eating 9.5 ounces of peanut butter in 60 seconds. And now he’s drank 14 ounces of ketchup just because.

“I am doing this record to prove myself as best in this amazing world in this particular record field,” Dinesh told Guinness World Records officials.

Bad news for Dinesh: David Blaine is probably training as we speak to break this record. Or perhaps he will live in a tub filled with ketchup for a month. Gotta push the boundaries.

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