This New ‘Garfield’ Theory About Mondays Is Nuts

Photo: Twitter/Garfield

We wanted to use the word ‘shooked’ in order to connect to the youth, but we decided not to because we aren’t that cool. But here’s what’s important: why are we ‘shooked?’ Because a new Garfield fan theory makes so much sense. Also, it’s kind of depressing.

If you only knew a few things about Garfield, you will know that he loves to stuff his face with lasagna and he hates Mondays. And up until now we assumed Garfield hated Mondays because work blows, but Australian author James Colley went ahead and analyzed Garfield’s psychology on Twitter.

Have a look:

But the theory takes another route:

So poor Garfield just doesn’t want to be left alone.

And yet another turn…

I can’t…

So, what do you think? What’s Garfield really all about? Why does he hate Mondays and does he even exist in that world?

h/t Distractify

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