Guy Calls Police After Gas Pedal Gets Stuck Going 100 MPH

Photo: JordanSimeonov (Getty)

All that 28-year-old Florida man Joseph Cooper wanted to do was to get to the nearest Sonic’s to stuff his face. OK, so I don’t know where Cooper was going, all I know is that this poor dude got his gas pedal stuck while going 100 mph on the I-95, a super busy highway.

Things got so bad that Cooper actually had to reach out to police.

“I think my gas pedal is stuck on my car and I’m on I-95,” Cooper said to the 911 operator as his SUV sped down the highway. Cooper did refuse, as the operator suggested, using his emergency brake because, you know, he was going 100.

Check out video of the call below:

When all options failed, cops had to deflate his tires. Here’s just a snippet of the cops’ attempt trying to stop this runaway SUV.

Cooper drove 50 miles with his gas pedal stuck, and I honestly don’t know how he didn’t need a change of shorts afterwards. Cooper even sounded pretty calm on the 911 call — my call would have been filled with a lot of sobbing, but hey, that’s just me.

While Cooper wasn’t hurt, he was taken to the hospital with chest pains. No word yet on what caused the pedal to screw up. There is also no word yet if the car was just eager to get to Disney World.

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