These Armed Robbers Really Wanted To Get Their Partners A Great Valentine’s Day Gift

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

If there is someone special in your life have you bought them a gift yet? Have you sent them flowers? Sent them some goodies? Anything? Well, you can always sneak out to CVS and get something. Hey, I’m sure there will be plenty of dudes last-minute shopping there. Or you can always go to Costco and do what these these armed robbers did (actually, don’t do this.)

Video of the incident at a Costco in Pacoima, Los Angeles, shows three men, one armed with a handgun and two with hammers, smashing a jewelry counter, taking a handful of jewelry along the way. And this happened a little after ten in the morning, so clearly these dudes had no shame at all.

Check out the crazy video below:

It’s a little pathetic that these dudes didn’t even walk out with a massive month supply of toilet paper being at Costco.

“They were hitting the glass where the jewelry was, where the rings were,” a woman who was shopping in the store, told KTLA. “So the glass is shattering … and they were just throwing stuff into a bag. People were running out the emergency exits. It was just absolute chaos.”


The thieves took a “significant amount of jewelry,” Capt. Aaron Ponce said. They fled shortly after the incident in what appeared to be a silver 2012 or 2013 C-Class Mercedes with paper plates that read “Keyes auto.”

A man named Steve said he saw the men actually get out of the vehicle before heading into the store.

“I saw three guys jump out,” he said. “They were wearing jackets, hats and bandanas on their faces, up to their eyes. It was a matter of seconds,” the anonymous female customer said. “You could tell it was very well thought out … It just happened so fast.”

Police haven’t found any of the guys, but they describe them all as being white dudes in their 30s. And chances are that their partners will be getting some nice rings and necklaces for Valentine’s Day  — because every woman dreams of getting Costco jewelry.

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