Can Someone Tell Me If This Massive Boar Is From This Planet?

Photo: Neil_Burton (Getty)

Maybe I’m just naive, or maybe I just don’t have an extensive knowledge when it comes to all things boar, but I really need help with the following video and I will start by asking this: is the boar in the video below really part of this planet or did it slip through from another dimension?

Facebook user Tu Dong recently shared the video on social media where it quickly blew up, getting over 6,600 shares. And why is that? Well that’s because it shows some sort of Cloverfield beast standing on its hind legs and stuffing his face with whatever he can out of a dumpster.

Take a look at the video!

Good god.

It’s made even more bizarre that three piglets are just hanging nearby waiting for their scraps. And people were worried about kids at a nearby elementary school in Hong Kong. The last thing you want to see when leaving school is your mom in pajamas waving eagerly at you. The second last thing you want to see is a boar that can demolish you.

Don’t worry, kids, all was well as the board stuffed his face and when on its way, along with the piglets.

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