Please Don’t Let The ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ Become A Thing

Photo: farvatar (Getty)

I really don’t know what’s going on with people these days, but when they aren’t suffocating in clothes during the ‘100 Layer Challenge,’ they are sending themselves to the hospital by digesting some Tide Pods. And while those two things are pretty damn idiotic, I’m begging all of you to please not make the ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ a thing. In fact, I’m ordering you not to make it a thing.

As far as we know there has only been one person to do this challenge, and that’s because it apparently involves putting your forearm on a red-hot electric stove for some reason. Yes, that actually happened.

The video was shared on Reddit, and let’s just say that everyone and their mom thought the dude in the video was a complete idiot. Take a look at the video below, but heads up: some might find this super uncomfortable.

A few reasons this guy may have done this:

He’s on drugs.

He desperately wants fame.

He’s an idiot.

But I think it’s all of the above.

And I think these three comments on Reddit pretty much reflects how we’re all feeling after watching this video:

Screenshot: Reddit

Screenshot: Reddit

Screenshot: Reddit

I’d actually rather see people chew on some Tide Pods than do this.

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