Uncensored F-Bombs Are Coming To TV

Photo: 20th Television

If you were raised along with the rise of the internet, you probably experienced little censorship other than your parents telling you not to visit certain websites. You still visited those sites, but at least there was an authority figure there trying their best to keep your virgin eyes away from Pornhub.

Television, however, has been vastly different in terms of censoring. Dialogue couldn’t include anything more than the word “crap” for years because curse words are a big no-no, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). But certain channels have gotten a little more liberal with the usage. Sometimes you might actually hear them say “f–k” and wonder if you’re watching HBO and not some basic cable channel.

The trend of loosening the grip on televised cursing is starting to take over, so get your ears ready for the televised rise of four-letter words. Cable channels SyFy and USA have started allowing the word “f–k” to broadcast without editing out the mother of all curse words. The channels, both owned and operated by NBCUniversal, started the practice earlier this year and plan to allow more of it in the future.

This is Kimmy Schmidt’s worst nightmare.

These channels used to follow the guidelines laid out by the FCC, but they’re literally saying “f–k it” and allowing bad words to hit your TV since they’re technically not subject the the government body’s rule book.

In fact, cable channels fall into the same space SyFy and USA do, so none of them technically have to bleep words out. They’ve only been doing it for the sake of advertisers who don’t want their products associated with naughty words and raunchiness. But do advertisers really care anymore? There are things like Dude Wipes commercials out there, so even the ads themselves aren’t really trying to be that clean anymore anyway.

If you’re not into hearing f-bombs drop atomically, it’s probably best to never watch cable again. This is happening and you can’t do anything about it. Maybe stick to watching the Sesame Street, just to be safe. Then again…

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