This Roof Jump Fail Is More Proof That We Are All Doomed

Photo: baratroli (Getty)

If you needed more proof that the majority of people in society aren’t very bright, just go on YouTube for a few minutes and check out all the stupid things that people are doing these days for no reason. Hell, you can look at the recent Tide Pod challenge and realize that brains cells continue to dwindle. But after all that, if you still want more proof, well you can simply look at the video below.

The fail below took place in Sapphire Beach, NSW, Australia, and features some dudes jumping off a roof into a pool. And you already know that this doesn’t end well because we’re talking about it. So before we go on even more, check out the video below first:

Never hesitate, my friend. Never hesitate.

According to the YouTube description, here’s what happened:

“We were having an Australia day party and the boys decided to jump from the roof to the pool. Billy went up with them but wasn’t going to jump, but after four of them made the jump easy, Billy ripped off his shirt and shoes and decided to have a go. He went to jump but hesitated and by that time he was already committed so ended up just dropping down onto the concrete, about 4.5m. Luckily he only received a fractured wrist and bruised tailbone and feet.”

Billy, you dope.

And like I said, if we continue to do things like this I just don’t see us improving as human beings. So yes, we’re all pretty much screwed.

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