6 Times Family Guy Has Predicted The Future

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Some may think of the television show Family Guy as a dumb, animated comedy that provides nothing but quirky humor. While those people are not wrong to think that, Family Guy has also proved to be able to predict the future. I know, it sounds ridiculous, however; this hasn’t just happened once or twice, but SIX times. Family Guy has predicted everything from Robin Williams’s suicide to Bruce Jenner’s sex change. It has people wondering, can Seth MacFarlane predict the future, or is this just a massive coincidence? Either way, these crazy predictions will shake you to the core.

So let’s get it going by checking those predictions out below!

6 Times Family Guy Has Predicted The Future

While some of these theories are rather far fetched, the links between these incidents and the Family Guy episodes are chilling. Let’s hope that the next time Family Guy coincidentally predicts the future, people take it more seriously.

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