You’re Not Truly Bored Until You Construct A Car Swing In Your Yard

Off road vehicle in the mountain. Photo: Alikaj2582 (Getty).

Perhaps “bored” isn’t the perfect word, but we shutter to think what else was going through the heads of the Feest Peest crew when they created the monstrosity you’re about to bear witness to.

Maniacs Construct Car Swing In Their Yard

Don’t get us wrong, this “car swing” sure looks like a lot of fun in the video below (especially with the Benny Hill-style track playing in the background), but we can’t help but get horrible flashbacks to the nauseating carnival rides we suffered through during our adolescence years just by watching it.

OK, upon watching it again, we changed our minds. This is genius. It’s all the thrill of your average playground swing minus the pumping of the legs. Call us extremely lazy, but that’s basically all we look for in an “activity.” Now if only we spoke Dutch so we could figure out just who these guys are and how long it would take them to set one up for us. Just imagine the fun you could have with a friend who passed out from a long night of drinking.

That’s the most fun we’ve seen someone have with their vehicle since New Years: Rogue Firework Lands In Guy’s Car And Sets Off 600 Fireworks He Had Inside His Trunk