Driver At Bank Drive-Thru Flies Over Another Car

Photo: Cre8tiveFocus (Getty)

Well that’s one way to fly right into the new year.

Now I don’t know how much egg nog the driver in the video below had, but something caused him to slam hard on the gas pedal and fly over another vehicle. The incident occurred in Illinois earlier last week at a bank drive-thru and it was caught on the dash cam of Robb Brillbeck.

Here’s how Brillbeck described it on YouTube:

“I saw a flying car at the bank in Rockford. Dec 23, 2017 at 10:10 AM. I recorded this on my dash cam. I didn’t think this was possible! In 1080 HD video.”

Now check out the video below. Actions starts at about 18 seconds.

Driver At Bank Drive-Thru Flies Over Another Car

Luckily, the SUV didn’t crash into the other car, but instead flew right over it and landed in the parking lot on the other side.

Take a look at the video below for a closer look:

No word yet at to why in the hell the driver slammed on his gas pedal or what he was doing inside the car at the time. Then again, perhaps he got the runs and had to get home as fast as possible. That’s my theory.

h/t Daily Mail

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