Battlefield 2018 Rumor Round-Up: Bad Company 3, Battlefield WWII & More

The previous three Battlefield titles have put us in the shoes of a modern soldier, a police officer, and a World War I fighter. With such huge variations between these games’ settings, it’s pretty hard to imagine what’s coming next. Is Battlefield 2018 going to tackle wars of the past, present or future? The franchise has dipped into all three eras, and so next year’s game really could be anything!

Fortunately, for Battlefield fans who are hungry for any trickle of information about the new game, there have been several (potential) leaks about what’s coming. Reddit user TheAlmightyDaq is the primary source here, and considered credible due to the accurate information he shared regarding Battlefield 1.

Battlefield: Bad Company 3

TheAlmightDaq’s first leak came in the form of Bad Company 3 information. He spoke about game modes, maps, gunplay, and character customization.

The game’s campaign will apparently tackle “mid and post-Vietnam conflict,” but will not be “historically accurate.”

I won’t spoil the rest of the 4-minute video, as it’s an easy watch and well-paced:

Battlefield 2018 (World War II)

It’s time for a twist! TheAlmightyDaq recently corrected himself, saying that Bad Company 3 wouldn’t be launching in 2018, and is instead being developed for launch sometime later. He says that next year’s game will actually be focusing on World War II.

Battlefield WWII, or Battlefield 2, will apparently “expand” on everything that has made Battlefield 1 great.

Here’s another short video with TheAlmightyDaq quickly running through his info:

Something else entirely…

As none of this is confirmed by EA, it could all be poppycock, and it’s possible that Battlefield 2018 may be something else entirely!