California Man Stops Guy From Sexually Assaulting Woman

Screenshot: YouTube

You never expect to become a hero on your way to work but that’s exactly what happened when Taylor O’Neil was on his way to work. O’Neil noticed someone’s vehicle was blocking his way, and that’s when he heard muffled screams coming from the vehicle and spotted the victim inside — she had her mouth covered with duct tape.

O’Neil ran over and tried to open the door while banging on the window. And in the middle of all the chaos the 28-year-old woman was able to escape. Check out the news video below.

California Man Stops Guy From Sexually Assaulting Woman

“I saw her with her face duct-taped and him on top of her choking her,” O’Neill told KTLA. “That’s when I tried to open the door and banged on the window to get her out of there, get her safe, and deal with him later.”

The suspect, 27-year-old Jorge Cruz De Armas was able to flee the scene, but not before O’Neil snapped pictures of his truck and of his license plate, which helped police track down Armas.

It seems the victim got in the car after Armas offered her a ride, which she accepted. And once inside the car, Armas asked the woman if she wanted to have sex, which she refused. Armas then asked her for number, which again she refused. And that’s when Armas attacked her.

Armas was arrested on his way to work. So kudos to O’Neil and his quick thinking.

h/t Daily Mail

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