RIP To This London Commuter’s Testicles

Photo: lightkey (Getty)

If you’re going to drink yourself silly and have a good time, just make sure that the only thing you wake up with is a hot stranger or a hangover. Don’t be like the guy below who probably woke up with his testicles severely injured.

A video recently posted on Twitter by a man named James Gower shows a dude sliding down the panels between the escalators at a London train station. And well, that didn’t go well at all as his jewels take a hard hit. And that’s not the end of the pain as he continues to slide down, eventually falling off the panels.

Take a look at the video below.

A witness had this to say about the incident on Reddit:

“When it happened 2 of his friends literally collapsed laughing on the escalator and the guy who took that fall didn’t get up for a good while. It took the person who you can see almost collide with shout ‘are you gonna help your mate?’ for 2 of them to go help him. He looked in a lot of pain! They had just got into the tube station and were singing football chants in a drunken manner. I assumed they had just come back from a Christmas party cos they were all dressed up like that (and it’s friggin cold outside).

He was slowly moving but didn’t get up at all. The others remained at the bottom laughing I must admit I was laughing too, but in a suppressed manner haha.”

And how’s the dude doing now?

No word yet if he can start a family anymore.

h/t Metro

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