‘Aliens’ Show Up In NYC In Hilarious Prank

Photo: dennisvdw (Getty)

Guess what? The X-Files is set to return on Fox once again for a new season of ten episodes on January 3rd. But until then we are going to have to deal with aliens popping out of a newspaper dispenser. Well, we don’t, but the people in the video below had to deal with that.

First off, there are people who still read newspapers. And second off, anytime something is free people will of course want it. So New Yorkers were eager to grab a free copy of The NY Post for some ungodly reason. And well, let’s just say they were in for quite the surprise.

Check out the video below and have a good laugh!

‘Aliens’ Show Up In NYC In Hilarious Prank

Out there someone was probably saying, “hey, only in New York.” Well, that’s true. We here in New York take the subway and have rats as our fellow commuters so not a lot shakes us up. But an alien popping out of a newspaper dispenser? Yeah, I think that would be enough to freak anyone out.

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