Then & Now: Where Is The Original Cast Of ‘The Office’ These Days

Photo: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

If you’re walking around very agitated, it’s probably because you’re dying to know where the hell the original cast of The Office is these days. That, or you’ve waited, yet again, until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping that you shouldn’t be allowed to do anyway, and now you’re starting to terribly wrap things from your apartment instead. Luckily for you, we can help with the first part.

One of the first and best American mockumentaries, The Office’s Steve Carell and company brought a lot of excitement to the typical office setting in 2005. Now we’re engrossed in tons of Netflix and TV binging that is thanks in part to these guys. But what are they up to these days?

We have the skinny on who’s a closet rock star, who’s making kids books without pictures, who is with the hottest girl in Hollywood and who is basically playing themselves in real life. Join us for another classic “Then & Now” segment as we recap where our favorite characters (OK, all of them except Roy and Jan) from the original cast of The Office are these days. Hint: Creed is still old and creepy but by far our favorite.

Then & Now: Where Is The Original Cast Of ‘The Office’ These Days

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