Chinese Deliveryman With Head Down Walks Into Fish Pond

Photo: BravissimoS (Getty)

In his defense, who in the hell has a fish pond in the middle of their lobby?

According to UPI, some poor fucker in China was recently tasked with delivering food to a hungry customer at a nearby hotel. Of course, if everything would have gone as smoothly as it should have, we wouldn’t be doing a story on it.

Watch as the dude is still wearing his motorcycle helmet and looking down at the order attached to the food to double-check that he is going to the right room. And unless the order told him to drop it off in the hotel lobby’s fish pond, well, he fucked up.

Poor bastard. It really is a video of irony’s finest hour. I mean, this guy is all about safety and doing things the right way. He wears a helmet when he rides his bike, he double-checks the ticket to make sure he doesn’t drop off the orange chicken in the wrong room and he more than likely washed his hands before handling the food.

Hell, this guy is into doing the right thing so much that he even grabs the bag of food out of the pond after taking a few seconds to collect himself. I’m not sure I would have been as willing to do so simply because of the fact that some asshole thought it would be “cute” to put an open fish pond in the lobby of a hotel that close to the main entrance.

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