Chaos Ensues As ‘The Last Jedi’ Malfunctions At Opening Night Screening

Photo: Albert L. Ortega (Getty).

Mustafar hath no fury like a Star Wars nerd’s scorn. Mess with them and they’ll kick your butt…presumably at Nintendo.

In actuality, the uproar that took place during last night’s screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi at the AMC Burbank 16 in California was more whiny than fury, but it was annoying nonetheless. Then again, you’d probably be more than a little miffed if a movie you went to see played in silence for the first 20 minutes, too.

The Last Jedi Malfunctions On Opening Night And Nerds Raise Hell

As you can see, things indeed got a bit unruly, but not in a manner we haven’t come to expect from fanboys (and girls) who don’t get their way. I can only speak for myself, but I always respond positively when someone starts their request by screaming, “What the fuck is the problem?!” A bunch of grown-ups chanting “Restart it!” is a nice touch, as well. You’re much more likely to be taken seriously and get your specific way when you behave in such a dignified manner. Perhaps next time, members of the crowd should attempt to cup their farts with their hands and violently waft them into employees faces while they complain as added incentive.

However, in defense of the rational members of the crowd who weren’t throwing adult temper tantrums, may I kindly ask why a movie theater would let a film that clearly isn’t audible play out for 20 full minutes before trying to rectify the error? Every Star Wars movie starts with the loudest orchestra crash you’ve ever heard followed by a minute of scrolling text. Was that not enough time to figure out their was an issue, or were folks screaming so loud that they didn’t notice?

Fortunately, everyone who attended the screening was offered a refund or a free ticket to a later screening. Of course, since that meant having to wait for potentially (gasp!) one day, today’s instant gratification culture says a “Fucking fix it!” aimed directly towards someone who doesn’t owe your entitled ass jack shit should, at minimum, make you feel like a real tough dude.

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