Hero Little Brother Rushes Mat To Save Sister In Wrestling Match

Photo: Matthias Tunger (Getty)

A brother who actually loves his sister? Where did this take place, Fantasyland?

According to WKRG, 5-year-old Ryan Prendergast recently found himself in a no-win situation when he was forced to wrestle a girl in his elementary school league. I mean, if you win the match, everyone will remind you that you just beat up on a girl, and if you lose the match, well, you might as well pack up your parents’ minivan full of your Legos and shit and move to a different state because you just got your ass handed to you by a girl.

Well, Prendergast chose Option A and seemed to be in control after taking the girl down to the mat, but that didn’t last long because the girl’s little brother was having none of it and rushed the mat to come to his sister’s aid.

“That’s enough,” the little boy yelled while breaking up the match before being pulled away by the ref and another parent.

As for Prendergast’s parents, they thought what went down was “awesome” and the “best thing” they had ever seen, so they thankfully posted the clip of the hero brother online, and it of course has gone viral.

No word if the girl came back to win the match or not, but if she did, let’s hope Ryan’s dad refrained from showing that one to the masses…

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