Bodybag Falls Out Of Hearse Because Sometimes You’re Not Ready To Die

Photo: matthew1983 (Getty)

It’s not often that I see a hearse out on the street, but when I do I still get a tad creeped out knowing there’s a chance that there’s a dead body in there. But let’s just say I am super glad I wasn’t driving behind the hearse in the video below.

A driver was able to film the moment a bodybag falls out of the boot of a hearse while turning at a busy junction in New Zealand. It clearly looks like there is a body in the bag by the shape of it, but undertakers continue to say there was no corpse at all in the gurney.

See for yourself.

“I was a bit shocked really,” the driver who witnessed it said. “I heard this noise, and the next thing you know I see the stretcher with the body on it flying through the intersection.”

Craig Little, managing director of Davis Funerals, has insisted there was no body inside the bag when the video was filmed. Here’s what he said:

“We have a vinyl square pillow to lay people’s head and at the foot-end of that stretcher there is a metal bar that can look like people’s feet.”

According to Little, the boot of the hearse wasn’t closed properly so when the hearse accelerated at the intersection the bodybag fell out.

Chief executive of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand also says there was no body in the bag…

“If there was a deceased person that was being transported it would not have happened, as the system would have been different. It can be upsetting to members of the public, the funeral home is looking at it very seriously and that’s all we can do at this stage. Obviously no one wants to lose anything in the middle of an intersection, let alone a stretcher out the back.

I know that the company that is involved is looking at their policies and process and implementing additional training on top of what they already do, to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. It was a basic human error, but the most important thing is that we believe it won’t happen again. It was a very unfortunate incident and I know the funeral home is looking at it very seriously.”

I still think there was a body in there that wasn’t ready to call it quits yet.

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