A Diver Found A Statue Of An Ass At The Bottom Of The Red Sea

Photo: tepic (Getty)

It’s not every day that you decide to go for a casual dive in any body of water and manage to not only come across a statue of a donkey, but as an added bonus, you also find one with a hat on its damn head.

Well, according to UPI, that’s exactly what happened to Vitaly Bazarov last month when he went for a dive in the Red Sea off the Egyptian coast. Bazarov and his pals said they were out for a dive that was pretty much like any other one they had done until they happened upon a donkey statue “covered in fish and crustaceans.”

Oh, and of course, a pretty sweet hat. Check it out.

Obviously, the hat hasn’t been underwater as long as the donkey, but either way, I’d consider that one a dive to remember. It’s unknown exactly how long the statue has been at the bottom of the Red Sea or who it belonged to, but odds are since it’s just a donkey, it’s not at the top of anybody’s to-do list.

Also, props to the fish who decided that hiding under the donkey’s taint was a much safer spot than out in the open with several divers in the area.

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