Sleep Buses Are A Thing, So Pack Your Bags And Hit The Sack

Guy sleeps on a bus by night. Photo: Walter Quiet (Getty).

Who doesn’t hate having to go through the airport to travel? After beating all the traffic on the road, you then have to work your way through check-in, hopefully get on your flight (if it’s not delayed), and then you’re packed into an uncomfortable seat next to somebody who doesn’t know the definition of personal space. It’s a headache.

Sleeping on a plane is a whole other pain in the ass. It’s almost impossible to do, and there are more comfortable things life offers (like learning to swim in shark infested waters or having a month-long case of diarrhea). Luckily, there’s a company that hears your gripes and wants to ensure you have a nice and restful trip… on their bus.

Sleep Buses Are A Thing, So Pack Your Bags And Hit The Sack

Cabin is a California-based bus company that offers rides between Los Angeles and San Francisco. But before you call it “just another Greyhound,” there’s a big difference: these buses have bunks for you to snooze in.

The buses are lined with beds for travelers to zonk for the duration of the trip between the two west coast cities. Instead of the hassle of the airport or irritating drive through cow country, Cabin lets you lie down and knock out on your way to your destination.

As you can see, the sleeping cabins have more than enough room for someone to stretch out. They also offer something called “sleep water,” which apparently helps you fall into slumber. I’ve used this kind of drink before, but I usually call it “whiskey.” They also have free Wi-Fi with bandwidth great enough to stream all you want. So if you don’t fall asleep, you can catch an entire season of Stranger Things without a worry.

There are, of course, drawbacks to this kind of travel. For starters, a roundtrip ticket on Cabin is sometimes more expensive than a plane. For some, it’s about economics, and they’ll probably choose to fly. But for others, they might not mind dropping a few extra dollars for a full night’s sleep and the luxury of not sitting next to someone who unfairly laid claim to the armrest. Also, I can’t imagine there isn’t at least one person on a bus full of sleeping bodies who doesn’t fart through their sleep. It happens.

As for me, I’ll get down on a trip with Cabin if it means I get to skip a flight or drive to San Francisco. Someone want to buy me a ticket?

h/t The Economist

Hopefully they’ll soon offer more destinations, because there are favorite beers to be consumed in places all over the world.