Police Are On The Hunt For A Thief That Stole A $4,500 Sex Doll

Photo: ferrantraite (Getty)

This dude isn’t very lonely anymore.

Police in Melbourne, Australia, are on the hunt for a man who was caught on CCTV breaking into an adult shop called SexyLand with a pair of bolt cutters and then proceeding to steal a sex doll known as ‘Dorothy.’ And how much is that sex doll worth? $4,500.

CCTV shows the thief drive up in a white van, hop out with some bolt cutters and hack away at a security barrier in order to get inside to steal the love of his life. You can clearly see the thief enter the shop only to exit a few moments later with Dorothy in his arms. True love.

Check out the footage below.

Dorothy is 5’5″, so she is clearly life-size and ready to pleasure anyone that handles her. And I’m sure this dude had the time of his life using her and then asking her to marry him.

Photo: Victoria Police

And by the way, this is what Dorothy looks like, folks:

Photo: Victoria Police

Well damn, now I get why this dude wanted this hunk of junk so badly.

As of today this dude still hasn’t been caught, but all you Aussies should keep an eye out for a guy that looks pretty damn happy.

h/t Daily Mail

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