Anheuser-Busch Sent A Town Crier To Deliver A Cease And Desist To A Brewery

Town Crier, Camden. Photo: muldoon (Getty).

Craft breweries are always coming up with delicious concoctions for the avid beer drinker in all of us. From ales to stouts, there are a variety of flavors out there, and some of them have hilarious names that might just be enough to convince you they’re worth the purchase.

One brewery out in Minneapolis last week released a super hoppy double IPA and named it “Dilly, Dilly.” If you’ve heard that before, it’s likely when you saw those recent Bud Light commercials where people in medieval England raise their Bud Lights and say “dilly, dilly!” Modist Brewing, the brewery who released the beer, was obviously giving kudos to those ads, but they got hit with a cease and desist order for their efforts. Only this order was unlike any other you’ve ever seen.

Anheuser-Busch Sent A Cease And Desist Using A Town Crier

In what was undoubtedly the best way to flex legal muscle, Anheuser-Busch, the company that owns Bud Light, sent a dude dressed in full old English attire to deliver a message in the middle of Modist’s lobby.

Well if that isn’t the best damn news you can get from someone who’s trying to put a stop to your production, we don’t know what is.

As you heard in the video, Anheuser-Busch asked that Modist make their double IPA a limited release, but agreed to let them sell their entire existing inventory. They also offered two Super Bowl tickets for any two Modist employees the brewery sees fit to send to the biggest football game of the year. Not even Modist’s lawyer knows what to do from here.

“How do you respond to a cease and desist written on parchment paper, delivered by a guy in Old English garb, read aloud in the brewery, letting them sell the beer until it’s gone, and giving them two tickets to the Super Bowl?” asked Jeff O’Brien, attorney for the brewery.

This might just motivate me to take a break from loyalty to craft beer and throw back a few Bud Lights, if only to express gratitude to the mega brewer for not being total corporate jerkoffs with this move. Cheers, Anheuser-Busch… or should I say, “dilly, dilly!”

h/t City Pages

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