Genius Pretends To ‘Play’ UFC Pay-Per-View Fight On Stream To Avoid Getting Copyrighted

Screenshot: Twitter

There are smart people, and then there’s AJ Lester.

If you’re a big fan of UFC then you will know that the headline rematch between fighters Jose Aldo and Max Holloway occurred over the weekend with Holloway beating Aldo by knockout to defend his title. But a lot of people probably saw this bout for free and that’s all thanks to Lester.

Lester was able to stream the UFC 218 in full over the weekend across multiple platforms, including Twitch, and was seen by viewers in the corner of the screen with a controller in hand. Why? Lester was pretending to play the matchup as it was a video game so he wouldn’t get in any legal trouble.

A true hero.

The tweet of course blew up, and Lester himself even chimed in on his few minutes of fame.

And as of today Lester has not heard from authority or from any legal team for his actions. Although Lester has revealed that he deleted video of the fight just to be safe.

But people all over Twitter are giving kudos to Lester for his brilliant move:


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