Star Wars Battlefront II Unreleased Skins Showcased in New Video

One of many controversies surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II is the lack of an extensive character customization menu. Sure, you can tweak the Star Cards and a few outfits, but it feels like there should be something more.

Well, it turns out that there is something more, hidden under the surface. Committed data miners have dug deep into Battlefront II‘s files and found a huge number of character skins that didn’t make it into the final release.

This video by YouTube user DylanRocket provides a great look at each:

Along with the various soldier skins, there’s the curious Sentinel Class, Captain Phasma, and a Hero skin that looks like General Grievous!

EA has promised plenty of free content drops for Battlefront II, which will include Heroes. Perhaps General Grievous will be one of the villains coming in the future?

Of course, since these didn’t make it into the final build, it’s possible that they’ve been scrapped for good. Maybe they won’t ever come back. Here’s hoping they do! And soon!