Watch Stephen Colbert Recreate Bob Katter’s Bonkers Interview On Same-Sex Marriage

The Late Show‘s Stephen Colbert has done America a solid by introducing its people to the ridiculousness that is Queensland politician Bob Katter.

In doing so, Colbert has recreated Katter’s latest nutso interview, which saw him abruptly turn a chat about Australia’s recent same-sex marriage vote into a dark discussion about people being killed by crocodiles.

In case you missed the viral clip, here it is:

After spruiking the “very exciting news” of Australia’s vote to legalise same-sex marriage, Colbert turned his attention to Katter’s interview, introducing him as, “Australian house member and world’s worst Pharrell impersonator, Bob Katter.”

Colbert showed viewers the Katter interview, after warning his audience that what they were about to watch contained “extreme levels of Australian-ness”, and then he took Katter to task.

“That was an abrupt left turn right there,” Colbert said.

“I can’t wait to hear Katter weigh in on gay adoptions: ‘I mean, people are entitled to the joy and laughter of children. I say live and let live, but who cares, because in the meantime every five minutes gangs of kangaroos and dingoes are chewing your Grandpa’s face off.'”

Watch the segment in full, below.