News Guy Goes Bonkers When Bus Gets In The Way Of His Perfect Shot

Photo: Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images

For 25 years, the Georgia Dome was home to the Atlanta Falcons and the Georgia State University Panthers football team. But everything must come to an end so yesterday that dome was no more as the city decided to demolish it. But that’s not the focus of this story here, the focus is that the Weather Channel decided to film the implosion of the dome by setting up their camera at the perfect angle. And all was well and ready to go until a bus got in the way.

Check out how pissed a news guy gets when he realizes that a MARTA bus has ruined it all. Make sure you turn that volume up.

Damn, Marta. Damn you.

“No, bus, get out the way! Bus! Jesus, get out of the way, bus! Are you…you… [angry hulk noises]. What the f*ck…God damn it. Damn, lady!”

That dude will never get over that moment — especially since Twitter had no problem making fun of this and putting that MARTA bus in other situations.

h/t USA Today

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