Nothing Illustrates The Pain Of Misjudging A Pound For A Handshake Like This Video

Photo: YouTube / Thanks Laura

It’s not necessarily something you do on a daily basis unless you are the most awkward human being on the planet, but miscalculating a clear “knucks” situation as handshake-worthy is a mistake we all make at some point. Not only that, but it completely railroads whatever good vibes you had going prior to parting ways. If that’s not a good enough explanation, then perhaps a video demonstration from the Thanks Laura YouTube channel is in order.

The Pain Of Misjudging A Handshake Is Real

How humiliating. Is it as painful as, say, getting gored in the testicles by a bull? Perhaps not. But with enough slow-mo and dramatic music — accompanied by faces you should only make on the toilet after hitting up two Thanksgiving celebrations in the same afternoon — anything can seem worse than it is. It just so happens that in this particular case, it truly is one of the most embarrassing ways to end a pleasant exchange, equivalent only to farting on an elevator when you are one of two occupants.

h/t Alex Dobrenko

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