Just A Matador Getting Gored In The Testicles By A Bull

Photo: ALBERTO SIMON/AFP/Getty Images

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, we don’t think we can ever feel bad for any matador who gets gored, so it’s stories like this that make us chuckle in a way.

Matador Luis David Adame was doing his thing on the first night of the tournament at the plaza Santa María de Querétaro in Queretaro when the bull he was messing with decided to bury his horns into Adame’s junk. And let’s just say that Adame felt that direct hit as he’s flung into the air.

In the video, Adame clearly is injured as he grabs his jewels and blood starts to appear on his white pants. Adame attempts to stop the flow of blood from his wound using his own hands. Check out the video below.

Adame was rushed to the hospital and is currently in stable condition.

Adame also posted photos of the gore on his own Twitter:

Always nice seeing someone from this barbaric sport get a very painful reality check.

h/t NY Post

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