Sometimes In Russia A Guy Decides To Walk His Leashed Pet Leopard Through A Playground

Photo: Freder (Getty)

That’s Russia for you all.

If you have such bad karma that you somehow find yourself living in the hellhole that is Russia one day, just keep an eye out for those pet leopards out there.

Residents of an apartment building in Nizhny Novgorod are concerned and will be filing a police complaint after they caught one of the building’s residents, only known as Aleksandr, walking his pet leopard on a leash through a playground. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a pet leopard. Security camera footage from the building actually caught the man walking down the staircase with his wild pet restrained only by a dog leash.

Check out the bizarre footage below:


Neighbors said Aleksandr regularly walks the leopard through the playground just outside of the building’s front entrance. They raised concerns the big cat could pull away from its owner and pose a serious danger to children playing. Aleksandr said the leopard does not pose a danger to his neighbors.

“The animal is completely tame, it doesn’t bite, doesn’t jump at anybody… It has never happened. There is no danger,” he told Nizhny Novgorod’s Kstati News.

Aleksandr said he has been caring for the leopard since it was born. He did not reveal where he got the animal.

The regional veterinary authority said no permits have been issued in the area for keeping such an exotic animal. But one thing is for sure, no one in their right mind will be breaking into Aleksandr’s apartment anytime soon.

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