Second-Rate Tropes: The Musical Episode

Photo: Chris Haston/ABC (Getty).

This noise has got to stop. That’s right, we said it. And just to elaborate so that there is no confusion on the subject: musical episodes of non-musical television series are more annoying than, say, when a lead character dies at the beginning of a brand new season of a show. OK, there are occasional exceptions to the rule, but such occurrences are few and far between. We’re going to be honest with you up front: this will be our shortest tropes list to date. But it’s not for lack of examples. Simply put, rattling off a select few will be torture enough. Besides, it’s all pretty much the same deal. So what do you say we get this show on the road?

Ear plugs in — let’s do this.

Second-Rate Tropes: The Musical Episode

Not only was that last example the final nail in the coffin, but it will make a great segue into our next trope that is long overdue for banishment. Stay tuned. We’ll get you all up to speed soon enough.

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