Gun Store Owner Refuses To Sell To A Black Man And Now The Video Has Gone Viral

Photo: Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Here’s a story that is going to cause some discussion, and that’s because it focuses on a video of a gun store owner refusing to sell a gun to a black man. Here’s the details, folks.

Chris King Mason, a regular customer at Hopkins Gun and Tackle in Arlington, Virginia, recently entered the gun store in hopes of purchasing a firearm. But he didn’t get very far in his purchase as the store’s owner, Vance Hopkins refuses to sell him a gun. His reason? Hopkins doesn’t really give an actual reason, saying, “I don’t have to have a reason.” What?

Mason of course films the encounter as it occurs, later posting it on his Facebook where it has blown up with over four million views. Check out the video below.

So it seems that Hopkins believed Mason was going to sell the gun because Mason was in the store with a friend. This video has gotten a lot of opinions, with some siding with the owner, while others are siding with Mason and calling Hopkins a racist.

But we will leave the discussion with you all now. What do you think of this encounter? Should Mason take his business elsewhere? Is Hopkins just stereotyping? Let us know!

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