Runaway Tire On Fire Almost Takes Out Two People

Photo: RayTango (Getty)

Here’s a good video to show your kids if they’re wondering what could potentially happen if they get lured to a stranger’s car as he’s hanging his arm out the window dangling candy.

Look, there are many people who bitch on a regular basis that they’re having a bad day, but often times they’re saying that over something that is so mundane, such as the underpaid Starbucks barista putting too much cream in their latte, the cashier at Ralph’s giving them a penny that obviously spent some time in a bum’s digestive system or suddenly realizing they own a Ford Focus on purpose.

But none of that comes even close to the Monday this man and woman experienced, and just think, it could have been worse, as both of them somehow survived..wait for it…a runaway tire on fire that went screaming past them.

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I mean, sure, that guy’s right arm might not look good at Christmas as it did last year, but at least both he and that lady still have a pulse.

Update: It seems the fire isn’t real, as the original video has no fire at all. You can check out the original video below.

And since everyone was OK, we can now say that we prefer the altered version.

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