Here’s An Idiot Verbally Abusing A Paramedic For Parking Ambulance In The Street

Screenshot: Facebook

Everyone already knows that there are tons of idiots out there, idiots who enjoy taking time out of their day to prove to others just how much of an idiot they can be. And that’s why the tool in the video below took time out of his day to bitch and moan to a paramedic who parked her ambulance in the street in order to save a life.

The video, filmed by Ami Garner from her window, shows a guy yelling at a paramedic and going bonkers simply because an ambulance is parked in the middle of the street. It seems like this bloke is upset about a lot of things including the paramedic’s ambulance not having its hazard lights on, although the medic says that “someone’s ill upstairs.” Which obviously is more important than this idiot’s issues with parking.

Check out the video below thanks to Garner’s Facebook. And heads up, there’s NSFW language.

Man, that dude needs a better hobby. He also needs to not wear cargo shorts.

The video has of course gone viral with over one million views. Here’s hoping they figure out who this dude is so they can shame him and hopefully get him to admit that buying a better pair of shorts is important.

h/t The LADbible

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