3 Would-Be Robbers Run Like Hell When Store Owner Opens Fire On Them

Screenshot: YouTube

Three idiots walk into a store with shirts over their heads…

That does sound like the beginning of a joke, and those three idiots pretty much end up looking like a joke when their plan to rob a convenience store completely failed. The incident occurred at Lee Rays General Store in Wardville, Louisiana, and was caught on video. The video shows the three robbers walk into the store, one with a gun in his hand, threatening the store’s owner, Frank Issa.

Well that was right around the time that Issa pulls out his own gun and the hail of gunfire begins. Check out the crazy video below.

Issa’s says that his brother was able to distract the suspects long enough for him to grab his own gun and turn into John Wick.

According to Sheriff William Earl Hilton, one of the robbers is in the hospital, and the other has been treated and released to his parents, suggesting that he is underage. And yes, it’s pretty damn absurd that the idiot was released to his parents.

Police are still searching for the third suspect.

h/t Daily Mail

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