5 Best Buffets in the United States

Photo: @alicevvoo on Instagram.

You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to stuff your face with your favorite foods. Buffets across the country offer the opportunity to satiate those all-you-can-eat appetites daily. Las Vegas is the king of buffet offerings, but it isn’t the only city putting unlimited servings on the map.

Bacchanal Buffet in Caesar’s Palace (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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This award-winning buffet is the gold standard of all-you-can-eat dining. From its seafood section featuring crab legs, Alaskan king crab, and oyster shooters to its carving station where you can sink your incisors into green Applewood-smoked wagyu or slurp on bone marrow, this buffet gives you more than enough ways to make the $50+ price tag worth it. Save some room for dessert, though, because you’ll want to get a taste of carrot cake, flan, crème brûlée, or made-to-order dessert crepes. And don’t forget about drinks – there are beverage upgrades available including unlimited mimosas.

The Buffet in the Wynn (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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Named “Best Buffet” in Las Vegas by the Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association, this opulent food mecca features over 120 dishes and 15 cooking stations. From rotisserie-grilled steak and charcuterie to seafood and dim sum, there’s something for everyone at The Buffet. The dessert bar is just as exotic as the rest of the offerings with bite-sized items like guava panna cotta, banana sticky toffee pudding, key lime pie, and gelato bar with toppings. Don’t forget to try breakfast, too – the buttermilk, blueberry, and red velvet pancakes are worth the trip alone. Prices here are more reasonable than some other buffets, clocking in under $30 for breakfast and lunch and around $40 for dinner.

Farmers Fishers Bakers (Washington D.C.)

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Brunch-lovers, this is your heaven. The farm-to-table-style buffet at Farmers Fishers Bakers hits your savory and sweet cravings in one fell swoop. At the Butcher’s Table, wrap your lips around honey pot fried chicken, breakfast jambalaya, or cheesy grits. Move on to the Gardener’s Table for flavorful fruits and veggies like brûléed pink grapefruit or purple and black kale salad. Stop at the Carver’s Table for sweet bread French toast, slow-roasted chuck eye, and grilled thick-cut bacon and finish off your feast at the Dessert Table. Wash it all down with brunch cocktails like the FF Bloody Mary, a Pimm’s Cup, or a sparkling punch. Overeating never felt so virtuous.

Nori Nori (Sandy Springs, Georgia)

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If sushi is your favorite favorite food to binge on, Nori Nori is your next dining destination. Those who know what nagiri, maki, and sashimi are, you’ll find an abundance of those here, in addition to 25 different kinds of rolls. Adventurous eaters should try the unagi (eel). Salads, soup, udon noodles, and a hibachi grill are also available if sushi makes you squeamish. If you thought dessert didn’t pair with sushi, you must taste the green tea ice cream, cream puffs, and tiramisu. Presentation is paramount at Nori Nori; the color and craft of these edible works of art will wow you. Take advantage of the all-you-can-eat environment to experiment.

Charley’s Buffet (Lincoln, Missouri)

Photo: Charley’s Buffet on Facebook.

In the mood to pig out on Southern BBQ? Charley’s has you covered. The family-owned establishment is a local legend known for its down-home Southern cooking. Fried chicken, shredded ham, and roast beef are just a few of the tasty mainstays at Charley’s. The bread is freshly baked and the mashed potatoes are ladled with plenty of gravy. Don’t fill up on savory items, however, because dozens of homemade desserts like toasted butter pecan cake, chocolate peanut butter pie, and cinnamon rolls await. The one drawback of Charley’s? It’s a small operation, so its hours are limited and its service is seasonal. Expect to wait up to an hour between arrival and feasting – a wait that many satisfied diners say is well worth it.