Future Tech | Uber And NASA Want To Put You In Flying Taxis

Photo: Kenan Irtak/Anadolu Agency (Getty).

Imagine, you’re out at the bar and had such a good time that you can’t drive yourself home. It’s something we’ve all done, right? The best thing to do in that situation is call an Uber to get to where you want to without worry.

But if you live in a big city like Los Angeles, you know that traffic can get out of hand to the point that even your Uber driver is ready to jump out and walk. Luckily, the transportation technology company knows out pain and wants to literally fly us out of our frustration.

Uber And NASA Want To Put You In Flying Taxis

On Wednesday, the company signed a deal with NASA to bring flying cars into your world and get you to where you need to be without having to deal with the prehistoric practice of traveling on asphalt.

The project is called Uber Elevate, and as you can see in the video, company CEO Jeff Holden said flight was the natural next step for the innovative app. They hope to make this happen by the 2020s.

Uber’s deal with NASA sets the table to initiate air traffic systems for their flying taxis. Oh, and by the way, these things will be unmanned drones, so there’s no awkward conversation with your driver… errr, I mean, pilot.

I can’t wait to hop in my flying Uber after making my rounds at the bars.

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It’s nice to see NASA do this while also thinking of ways to blow up asteroids and fight aliens.