Gabrielle Union To Reprise Role In Bad Boys TV Spinoff

Photo: Sony

Jerry Bruckheimer’s hit action comedy franchise is making its way to TV with the producer coming along. NBC issued a pilot production commitment for the spinoff, and it was announced that Gabrielle Union will be rejoining the expanding Bad Boys universe in the lead role.

Deadline first reported on the Bad Boys spinoff, confirming that the series will be written by Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier (The Blacklist).

Bad Boys in Los Angeles

Fans of the movies will remember Union playing undercover DEA Special Agent Sydney Burnett in Bad Boys II. The character, Syd, is the younger sister to Detective Lieutenant Marcus Burnett, played by Martin Lawrence in the movies. She was also a love interest for Will Smith’s character, Detective Lieutenant Mike Lowry.

The series won’t be taking place in the Miami setting as the movies did. Instead, Syd will be working for the LAPD as a detective with a new partner. Variety reported that the new partner, Nancy McKenna, will discover that Syd’s “unapologetic lifestyle may be masking a greater personal secret,” causing complications.

Bad Boys 3

With the spinoff announced, fans might be wondering about the future of the long-awaited third movie in the franchise, Bad Boys for Life. Martin Lawrence is certainly ready to step back into his character’s shoes, but as the actor says, “That’s the studio’s decision.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in August, Lawrence expressed concerns that he didn’t think a third movie was going to happen after reports confirmed that the potential third Bad Boys film lost its release date as well as its director.

Lawrence and his Bad Boys costar were both seemingly eager to reprise their roles. In an older interview, EW states that Smith felt they were “very close” to getting Bad Boys 3 made. He also spoke highly of Lawrence, saying, “I love that dude. That’s among the best times I’ve ever had making movies. So I’m looking forward to it.”

Since the TV series will take place in Los Angeles instead of Miami, the setting already provides a plausible reason for Smith and Lawrence not to make an appearance, even with the connection Union’s character shares with them both. However, with the third movie stuck in limbo, if the series does get picked up perhaps the two will get a chance to make a cameo and reprise their roles after all.

With as many A-list movie actors that are being drawn to the world of television in recent years suggests, anything is possible.