These ’80s Movie Plots Would Never Work Out Today

Photo: New World Pictures

Who doesn’t love ’80s movies? They’re the bedrock of our favorite coming-of-age tales, cult comedies and bad hairstyles. It’s just too bad these ’80s movie plots would never work out today.

While movies with antiquated plots like Die Hard and outdated characters like Top Gun are in no shape to be made today, it’s funny that they’re still getting sequels, reboots and other shitty Hollywood reimagining. Rumors spread that Back to the Future was on the chopping block of movies to be rebooted, along with Ghostbusters, which actually did get to the modern era. Apparently, 1980s Ghostbusters is just untouchables, as are these classic movies that should stay in the ’80s where they belong. Stand by Me itself is a foreshadowing of Stranger Things, which wisely is a modern-day ’80s throwback. Hell, even Will from Stand by Me looks like Will from Stranger Things.

You know we’re right. Now join us for an all-out ’80s movie throwback that should never happen today. If you don’t believe us, just watch Kevin Spacey do cocaine and get real sexual in Working Girl. Classic Spacey (allegedly).

These ’80s Movie Plots Would Never Work Out Today

Now go ahead and check out some of these ’80s movies.

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