Tywan Claxton Makes His MMA Debut, Delivers Insane KO With Flying Left Knee

Tywan Claxton made his pro MMA debut this week. And we quickly learned he may be a name to remember.

Claxton won his first fight against Jonathan Bonilla-Bowman (1-1) just 90 seconds into his Bellator 186 match. How? With a leaping, flying left knee straight to Bonilla-Bowman’s skull.

That move actually has a name — a ‘Thai plum.’

I’d say there’s nothing fruity about it. It reportedly took Bonilla-Bowman nearly twenty minutes to get back to his stool, and even after that time he still needed help getting out of the cage.

Um, yeah. Tywan Claxton, everyone. Everyone, Tywan Claxton.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.