Watch John Oliver Call Out Australia’s “Pointless” Same-Sex Marriage Survey

British comedian and talk show host John Oliver has set his sights on the “dispiriting, ultimately pointless process” Australia is going through right now — the same-sex marriage postal survey.

The Last Week Tonight host has roasted the Australian Government for “holding a non-legally binging voluntary postal vote, at a public cost of $120 million”, which he says “is the weirdest waste of Australian money since every Baz Luhrmann movie ever made”.

After pointing out that polls show the majority of Australians support same-sex marriage and reminding viewers that the parliament could just pass the legislation without a postal vote, Oliver tackles some of the “ridiculous” and “truly toxic” arguments he’s seen against same-sex marriage, including from people like Liberal MP Kevin Andrews and recently head-butted former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

In closing, Oliver says he thinks “there are only two good things” that could come out of Australia’s postal survey. One is if “Australia’s parliament legalises gay marriage at the earliest opportunity”, and we won’t spoil number two for you.

Watch Oliver explain it himself in the video below.

The same-sex marriage survey closes on 7th November, with the results to be made public on 15th November.