Texas Mom Arrested After Video Of Fight With Teen Girl Goes Viral

Screenshot: Facebook/Julie Pinon

If you’re a grown woman it’s probably best you don’t go around beating up teens, because chances are you’re going to get busted fairly quickly — especially when your attack is caught on camera.

A 34-year-old woman named Mary Alice Hernandez was recently arrested after a video of her attacking a teen girl in the courtyard of Miller High School in Corpus Christi went viral. Footage of the fight was posted by the teen girl’s mom, Julie Pinon. Pinon shared it on Facebook and had this to say:

“My daughter did not want to fight the woman back, partly out of respect, and also because the woman clearly had an entourage that would have, without a doubt, hurt my daughter even worse.”

Check out video of the fight below.

What’s even more ridiculous about this whole video is that people are actually cheering. There’s also the dude who is near them and does nothing like an absolute idiot. And I’m sure you caught Hernandez running away after the attack like a coward.

But not to worry, Hernandez was eventually caught.


Hernandez is now being held on a warrant for assault causing bodily injury, with her bail set at $25,000.

h/t NY Daily News

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