Woman Caught Launching Herself At Car In Scam Fail

Screenshot: YouTube

Plenty of people look for get-rich-quick schemes, that’s why there are so many scammers out there. But how many people would actually throw themselves onto a car simply to pretend to get hit by it? A few, including the idiot in the video below who launched herself onto a taxi’s hood.

The video, caught by the taxi’s dashcam, shows the woman running across the street before making a turn, running towards the taxi and throwing herself at the stationary taxi. The acting is so bad you’ll cringe. The woman then proceeds to play dead. Check out the video below taken in Blackpool, Lancashire.

What an airhead. The taxi driver, 33-year-old Christopher Stewart, describes the incident:

“From what I can remember she didn’t really try and jump on it she just dived straight at the car. It was like it happened in slow motion. I just thought ‘what an idiot’ – I knew straight away what was happening. She was trying to get a claim from a big and respectable company. I was stopped at the traffic lights when I saw them both running across the road. She then started doubling back and heading for me.”

Stewart also says that the man with the woman threatened him:

“I was a boxer in the army so wasn’t that worried about the bloke who ran at me but the incident did put me off. After I reported it to the office I finished for the night as I didn’t want to go back out. Nothing like this has happened to me before. Sometimes people get a bit lairy, that’s a usual Saturday night, but this is something else.”

A Lancashire Police spokesman said they are currently investigating this “fraud-related offense.”

Well, it was worth a shot, but perhaps this lady should just stick to scratch-off tickets.

h/t COED

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