Here’s An ‘Average Joe’ Tackling The Hell Out Of A Bank Robber

Photo: YinYang (Getty)

Here’s some advice from me to you: if you’re ever caught in a bank robber situation, just get down and stay down until the robber or robbers take off. Please don’t try to be the hero like in a movie. That said, Robert Sakosky tried to be a hero and thankfully didn’t get killed because of it.

Sakosky was at the Honesdale National Bank in Pennsylvania, when a bank robber named John Ryall rushed in wearing a mask and waving a gun. And he wasn’t saying hello, he was obviously looking for cash. Well, that’s around the time that Sakosky goes into hero-mode and tackles Ryall to the ground.

Have a look:

So as you can see, not only does Sakosky tackle the robber, but he unmasks him and then directs police to the direction that Ryall went.

And guess what? Sakosky is a general manager at a local hotel, and his employees are pretty shocked at his actions.

“He’s definitely a hero, but he’s just a normal guy,” Wade Nordahl, a Carbondale Grand Hotel employee, said. “I mean, he’s personable, he’s a good boss, he never gets angry. I’m honestly surprised he did it.”

Ryall was eventually caught and arrested and is charged with robbery and making terrorist threats.

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