Yep, Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Sangas Are A Real Thing Now

The Golden Gaytime ice cream sandwich (or Sanga, if you will) is officially a thing now, just a week after a blurry image of such a beautiful creation began circulating on the internet.

Streets has announced today that the mythical Gaytime Sanga is now a reality, and it’s just gone on sale nationwide with a RRP of $3.50.

The Sanga itself supposedly features a stick-free surface with “an ergonomic, snug shape that cradles like a baby in your hand”, according to a statement.

There’s also some “improved crumb technology”, which covers half of the Sanga with “a higher crumb density” and a better taste than ever before, as if that was even possible.

The creation of the Golden Gaytime Sanga comes after things like Golden Gaytime burgers, The Gaynetto and, of course, those glorious Golden Gaytime Crumbs…

“It’s not often you get to create snacking history, and with the launch of Sanga, we couldn’t be prouder,” says Streets Ice Cream Marketing Manager, Scott Mingl.

“We know Aussies love a Gaytime and we know they love a sandwich, so why not give them something they’d go nuts over. Sanga is the future of snacking for everyone who has had a Gaytime, remembers a Gaytime or simply just loves a Gaytime.”

See, dreams do come true!